A Paranormal Writer? Me?

I was delighted recently to find myself listed on a book review site’s recommendation list. However, I was startled to find it listed my geParanormalnre as “paranormal.” Paranormal? Me? I don’t know about you, but when I hear the term paranormal in conjunction with writing my mind jumps to Twilight or the Vampire Academy. After all, the vast majority of slots on the paranormal shelf are occupied by vampires, zombies, wizards and super heroes. In that same vein, with all the dark arts cluttering this genre, I really don’t think of paranormal even being a segment of Christian fiction. Sure, there is a guy who is currently writing Christian vampire novels because he feels like the real issues of vampirism are not being dealt with in popular fiction. To which I can only say, Dude, there are no real issues of vampirism because there are no real vampires.

Anyway, I’ve always classified my first novel, Only Angels Are Bulletproof, as a mystery/detective novel and The Father Christmas Series as Romantic Comedy, but then I started to think about it. Well, yes, Only Angels Are Bulletproof is the story of a FBI agent investigating a series of bank robberies…but then there is that whole part about the apparent miracle occurring during one of the robberies. And The Father Christmas Series is simply a new take on the legend of Santa Claus…of course, Santa Claus’ have “gifts” which are outside normal human abilities. The only novel I have that doesn’t include anything a little out of the ordinary is The Moment Max Forgot Me, and I’ve never felt that story has a definable genre (legal-drama-comedy?). So, yeah, I guess in a way paranormal can be used to describe me. And in that case I guess you can say there is place for paranormal in Christian fiction.

….But I’m still a Romantic Comedy-Mystery writer in my head. I think that counts for something. ;)

4 thoughts on “A Paranormal Writer? Me?

  1. Love this, Emily. I consider my writing to be Christian fantasy, but I realized recently after a conversation with someone that anything beyond “normal” might be considered paranormal. Like you, I associate that word with vampires, zombies, and other undead things, but for many people, the experience of God is “extra-normal” or beyond normal so if it’s Christian and God’s power is in there some might consider it paranormal instead of realizing that it’s just part of the “real” normal of God.

  2. That’s why I think speculative fiction is such a fitting label – it covers paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, etc. more broadly rather than painting works with a specifically skewed brush. Speaking of, you should submit your books to the library at http://www.speculativefaith.com/ – (the ones with “fantastical elements”)

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