Sure signs you’ve been working too long.

As we head into Friday, I’d like to give you a list of dangerous signs to look for when working in any of the following circumstances.Working Robot

You might have worked in a professional office too long if…
-You can throw together a complete professional outfit, accessories and all, in under five minutes, but on off days with no dress code, you tend to run late.
-You’ve developed strong opinions about office supplies.
-You frequently find yourself wearing office supplies.

You might have worked too long in retail if…
-You go shopping for yourself and end up straightening racks and shelves without thinking about it.

You might have worked too long in customer services if…
-You’re inclined to answer the phone with the name of your company.
-You tend to think of all the possible ways people can steal or cheat things, but keep a smile up while you’re doing it.

You might have been writing too long if….
-Custom license plates with poor grammar upset you.
-You think it is legitimate to make up new words.
-People feel comfortable randomly sharing their story ideas with you, including how to commit murder.

You might have been a mom too long if…
-You refer to a wound as an “owie,” regardless of the age of the person bleeding.
-Your purse is the size of a small country and contains first aid supplies comparable to an urgent care.

You might have worked in administration too long if…
-All of your closets are as legitimately organized as your files.
-Few things satisfy you more than knowing all of your closets are that organized.
-You have a unique affection for bullet points.

You might have worked in a technology company too long if…
-You think having 70″ TVs and massage chairs in your break room is normal…

You might have been an electrical draftsman too long if…
-You think people know what an electrical draftsman is.

…Oh, who am I kidding anyway? Can someone just get us some more coffee, a box of rubber bands and a couple of bandages? There’s work to be done.

How do you know you’ve been working too long?

2 thoughts on “Sure signs you’ve been working too long.

  1. I’m so sorry I missed your giveaway! I’ve been caught in so much general online and offline work that I’m just now toddling around to all the blogs . . . :P

    Haha, here’s more things that show you’ve been writing too long. You . . .

    Cannot talk about anything else
    Cannot do anything else
    Cannot find time for anything else
    And, in general . . . you need to get a real life. NOW.


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