New Website + Twitter = Giveaway Time!

After about two years, it was time for a new dressing up. Below is a shot of what it used to look like around here. Not bad, but I felt it was in need of some de-cluttering. It had also clearly been a while since I’d updated my profile photo. ;) And to top it off, I finally joined the world of Twitter again.

So, what do you say we celebrate with a “Your Choice” giveaway?

Two winners get to choose between a $5 Amazon or Starbuck gift card AND a choice of either a copy of my novel Only Angels Are Bulletproof or a free download of both Father Christmas Novels.

Leave a comment with your email address to enter. Additional points grated for following me on Twitter, Facebook, this blog and sharing all of the above.

Old Blog

Out with the old…

meBio Pic

Obviously, I’ve added a few inches.

Winners announced on Monday!

8 thoughts on “New Website + Twitter = Giveaway Time!

  1. I have read both Father Christmas books…..loved them both. They are in my ‘to be read again’ list. :-)

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