The Father Christmas Series – Book One and Two are Just 99cents!

It is that time of year again! Marshmallows for toasting and caroling out in the snow! Well, except we don’t get snow here and marshmallow toasting is considered a Summer tradition. But I do decorate to the hilt, bake in excess…and remind everyone that I have two Christmas Novels available. As always, The Father Christmas Confessions and the Father Christmas Profession are available from Amazon to download for just 99 cents. Check it out!

The Father Christmas Confessions warms the heart like a cup of sweet cocoa with extra marshmallows in a big Santa Mug. – Tyrean’s Writing Spot – Author of the Champion Trilogy

What if Santa Claus isn’t one man?  What if he is a secret organization? FCC JPEG 1
Jeremy Ogden has 25 days to accomplish his mission and a list of people whose lives can be changed forever if he makes it to them in time. He just has one big problem…And her name is Virginia. Virginia Kipyard is the last girl Jeremy wants holding his family’s ancient secret, no matter how many times his mother suggests she’s “the right girl.” But if he wants to save the life of the next man on his list, he might just need her help. The “season of miracles” is about to take on a whole new meaning, even for Father Christmas.
Click here to download from Amazon now.

…Or check out Book Two, The Father Christmas Profession.

The business of Santa Claus is about to get a new partner.
Felicity never felt like she belonged in the Ogden family, whFCP JPEG 1ere every man has the power to changes lives between December 1st and 25th. She certainly never thought she would be the right one to train a new Father Christmas, until a mysterious man shows up at her door with all of the family “gifts” but no idea why or how to use them. She might not want the job, but it is quickly becoming clear that if she doesn’t teach him the art of changing lives fast, lives could be in danger, including her own. First she just has to convince him there is such a thing as Santa Claus…and that he is one of them.

Click here to download from Amazon now.

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