So what are the reads of 2013?

Stack of booksCome on, I know you people. I know you got books for Christmas. And if you didn’t, you obviously live with some unloving people.

Well, if you did get books for Christmas, do tell. What is now on your list for 2013? And if you didn’t get books for Christmas…take a moment, dry your tears and then tell me what you’d still like to read this year.

As for me, they are as follows:

Who Could That Be At This Hour? – Lemony Snicket. Yes, a new Snicket book!

The Time Keeper – Mitch Albom. I’ve never read any of his books, but I always hear good things about him.

A Reich of Passage – Ace Collins. I’ve never heard of this author before, but once I read the synopsis I was glad my sister found him. We’re talking Nazis, old Hollywood and with a mix of Science gone wrong.

A Chance of Fortune – Jen Turano. This is apparently her first book, so we’ll have to see if we’ve found a good one.

That was my Christmas list of books, but I would also really like to read Loretta Boyette’s newly released Kindle book “Deadly Betrayal.” She was an ACFW Genesis finalist in the past. (rubs hands together in anticipation) And I picked up one of Deanne Gists’ books, Maid to Match, recently too. Of course, I always tell myself, “This is the year…I’m going to read Wuthering Heights!” That book and I have a history. Don’t ask….

But do tell, what good books do I not yet know about?

2 thoughts on “So what are the reads of 2013?

  1. I’ve made a pact to myself to read at least 1 book every week (content for my blog + keeping up my writerly inspiration… win/win!). So far, I have read the Hobbit and Only Angels Are Bulletproof. On the list? Various no-name books I got on my kindle… perhaps my reviews can help bump up the sales of some self-published folks. :D

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your comment earlier, Joanna. I never got a notification that someone commented on this post! (just stumbled upon it while looking over the blog)
      Kindle is making a lot of self-published books more accessible, and affordable. Plus there are so many listings to find them on.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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