Who’s Childhood Is This Anyway?

So, I found myself in a disturbing moment earlier this week and now I find myself writing a post about it. I assure you, I don’t rant on this blog, but at the moment I do feel like saying “What is wrong with the world?!” and wish it wasn’t a rhetorical question.

You see, my siblings and I were scrolling through Netflix one evening and we happened upon a new Batman cartoon movie. (Note: I said cartoon. That is important) Well, we all grew up on Batman: The Animated Series and in a moment of nostalgia we decided to turn on Batman: Under the Red Hood, which looked remarkably like the Batman of our childhood. As it turned out, it was not the Batman of our childhood, and I wish I wasn’t the Batman of anyone’s childhood.

Sure, they did a lot of the “you don’t see it happen” sort of thing. Like, you didn’t see the heads in the duffle bag. You just knew they were there. And you didn’t see the ninja’s head explode. You just saw the blood on the wall. In fact, you saw a lot of blood. Not to mention the point-blank shooting and beatings with crowbars. You might remember in a previous post me saying that, while I loved A Series of Unfortunate Events, I wasn’t quite comfortable recommending it to the age level it was intended for. Well, if this was a kid’s movie, toddlers might as well read Lemony Snicket.

Now, if my brother were here he would tell you that I’m over reacting and it really was a good movie. He’s 25 of course and watched the movie from the perspective of an adult. Perhaps if I sat down as an adult ready to watch an adult movie it might not have hit me so hard, but I wasn’t watching it as an adult. All I was thinking was, “This is a kid’s movie?” (crowbar, blood splatter) “This is a kid’s movie?!”

Don’t get me wrong. The movie wasn’t void of morals. In fact, the point was the “Red Hood” was trying to convince Batman that it was better for society if he just killed the bad guys, rather than lock them up. And Batman was trying to convince him that if you have to be bad to stop bad then you are bad. Good point? Yes. But, did it have to be made like that?

It got me to thinking of a post by another blogger I read recently. She was talking about a TV show she loved. One loved by viewers both young and old. She stopped her gushing over it for a moment to say that one particularly scene had occurred in the show that made her wince when she realized children must be watching. But in the end she shrugged and decided she was old enough that didn’t really matter what kids watched. I have to wonder though, would she have cared if her children watching?

The thing about it is, if this new Batman movie was produced and put out for kids, there must be a lot of people who don’t care. And I don’t know what to do about that…

Btw, don’t tell me “kids are desensitized.” Okay. That’s just old.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Childhood Is This Anyway?

  1. Did you ever read the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy books? I loved them in elementary school. Then in the early 90s, they came out with the Casefiles series. And killed off a major character in the first book in the Hardy Boys. They just got worse from there. I was massively unhappy.

    Disney used to be the only tv channel I could trust not to show stuff I felt inappropriate with kids. Then they got their creepy cartoon – um, I can’t even remember what it’s called. So we got rid of dish.

  2. I know exactly which series you are talking about. I was very disappointed (and frankly a little angry) when that series came out. It’s one thing to put out something bad, it’s another, even worse thing, to totally ruin something that was once good.

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