How it’s going…And an offer to bloggers out there.

I know, I know, three posts in one week. What is the world coming to?

Well, anyway, I wanted to give a quick update on The Father Christmas Confessions and send out an offer to any bloggers who would be willing to take up a last minute call. Yes, this involves free, so keep reading.

As to The Father Christmas Confessions, well, I am pleased so far. J I am planning on doing a run through of the process and results in January, but for the moment I’ll give you a quick clip. I ran a free promotional on November 1st and the results were fantastic. Since then the downloads have been steady. Some days are fast and some days are slow, but they keep coming.

Now, to my offer to any bloggers out there. (So, yes, if you have a blog, I’m talking to you.) I’ve ended up with some extra copies of my first novel, Only Angels Are Bulletproof, that I would like to giveaway. So, here’s the deal.

If you do a spotlight of The Father Christmas Confessions on your blog during the month of December, I will give you a signed copy of Only Angels Are Bulletproof to give away on your blog. Who doesn’t like blogs that give things away for free? Well, here’s your chance to give something away for free. And I’d really appreciate the help spreading the word.

If you would like to sign up, please leave a comment with your email or email me at emilyannbenedict(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all…and to all a goodnight.

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