What’s coming up.

We’re finishing out the last week of October, so I wanted to give you a quick look at what I have planned for the month of November.

First, there’s an official announcement on a new release from me. :) Just in case you haven’t heard yet. (drops voice to whisper) And a free download…but you didn’t  hear that from me.

The rest of the month will be devoted to Christmas novels. NOW WAIT! Please, my friends who get all uptight when Christmas stuff is started too early and Thanksgiving appears to be over look, I am not trying to slight a celebration of fall!

All I’m saying is, if you want to read a few good Christmas novels during the Christmas season, it’s probably best to know about the books beforehand. How else will you have your selection ready and waiting to go?

Are you with me?
See you on November 1st.

P.S. Happy Halloween. :)

7 thoughts on “What’s coming up.

  1. This is my first time to your blog/website but I’m checking out your book on Amazon right now and am excited to read it! I love a good Christmas story :) Plus, I’m one of those people who wishes Christmas would last much longer than it does so I start early ;) Looking forward to following your posts!

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