No-Nonsense Non Fiction: The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Perhaps when I decided in one of my more whimsical moments to title this segment No-Nonsense Non Fiction I had Joyce Meyer in my head, because there are certainly few more straight to the point-no nonsense type people in the world than her.  Perhaps that’s why I like her work so much.  She just tells it like it is.  When comes to the battles we face in life, be it major struggles like illness or day to day drudgeries, I think “telling it like it is” is the best solution.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord.  In its essence, it sounds like a spiritual saying.  This quote from the Bible is one we can have a tendency to use blithely when situations get tough, but does what does it really mean?  Where does it really come from?

The story of King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles is the beginning of this small but powerful book, and the primary location of the call of “The battle belongs to the Lord.” Jehoshaphat was certainly faced with a problem greater than most of us will ever face.  After all, few of us will ever stare down a vast army intending on annihilating every one we know. Jehoshaphat’s response was a simple one. He sought the Lord. But that’s not the end of the story.  No, he doesn’t just sit back after that and wait to see what happens. He doesn’t rush out into battle, expecting the Lord to make his sword more effective.  Instead, he does exactly what God tells him to do.

He worships.

Yes, God’s instructions to defeat this mighty army was simply to sing praises to His name, then watch their enemies fall.  So, how does this translate to our situation today?

The Battle Belongs to the Lord is, in its essence, a study on turning to God in our troubles, not with constant prayers for help, but with worship.  It seems like a simple enough idea, but after reading this book I felt I had a better grasp of the concept, to the point where I actually found myself applying it daily.  But then that’s the beauty of so many of Joyce’s books.  They are practical and you can see how they fit into your daily routines.

I can honestly say now that I can tell the difference between the times when, in a situation, I just sat there and prayed for help and focused on the problem and the times when I focused my attention on God and His goodness.  The difference is the level of PEACE I have!

Of course, I’m over simplifying this book.  There is so much more to be said that is best said by the book itself.  The only thing I think I can truly add is this is one book that has left a life-changing mark on my life.

Is there a book you feel changed your life? 

9 thoughts on “No-Nonsense Non Fiction: The Battle Belongs to the Lord

  1. Wow, sounds like a great book! WIth a great message. Which is probably what makes it a great book.

    Is there a book I feel has changed my life? Definitely! That would be the Bible… ;)

    The thing is, books are books. Regardless of how great the information they share, they are only life-changing to the extent that we choose to change our lives and apply the truth we learn.
    And although sometimes the new understanding we recieve is relevant or eye-opening enough that we just naturally change without any effort, it often takes a conscious decision and discipline. Which means that if the information pertains to a subject that seems irrelevant to my life at the time, I’m not motivated to apply what I’ve learned. (Not sure if that’s always a good thing… )
    Hence, while 3,001 Ways to Kill A Bug was apparently a turning point in the life of the exterminator living down the street, I have to say that it was more of just a fun- er, interesting read for me. :P lol

      1. An excellent point! It is true, in order for a book to impact someone, they really must be reading a book that speaks to the situation they are in at the moment. And that does fit the bill with me and this book. I was in a place where I needed to learn the lesson in the book (or go mad) and so I might say that God put this book in my path. :)
        So, therefore, we might say that when you read 3001 ways to Kill Bugs it didn’t speak to you quite so loudly because you only knew a few bugs at the time, or the bugs that you did know were not that bothersome.

        But really, have you ever had that moment where a book that just ended up in your path spoke to the place you were at?

      2. I would agree for sure – God has a way of putting the things in our path where and when we need them. :)

        LOL Agree again. See, I thought I only knew three bugs at the time. Jim, a friendly grasshopper; Sandy, a neighbourhood fly (the main reason I read the book); and Joe, a cute ladybug who had some issues with his race’s title. Turned out later that I did know more than three bugs, because after killing Sandy 3,001 times, I decided there must be other flies living in the area. (The book forgot to mention that all flies look alike, and did not deal at all with how to cope with the emotional issues that can arise from that.)

        But seriously, yes. There have definitely been times that I read a book that said exactly what I needed to hear.
        Though I imagine that the mere fact we’re reading this type of book in the first place says something – that we’re probably looking for some help, answers, etc.

  2. I agree, Cara…both about how we tend to gravitate towards certain books at certain times of our lives and that it is disturbing to realize that all flies do have similarities. I might recommend focusing on another area of your life to read about, perhaps dogs or the random outcropping of wild grasses. Anything to avoid another incident with Jim, Sandy or Joe. ;)

    1. Thanks, Emily. You are… brilliant. I knew I really needed a change in my life, but I hadn’t quite put my finger on it (one of the 3,001 methods!). Now that you’ve swatted it out into the open, I realize how badly I need to sweep out the cobwebs in my brain and leave all that’s bugging me behind.

      This is definitely what I needed to hear at this time in my life. ;)

      Now the random outcropping of wild grasses… :P

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