A Note To My Dear Readers

This is an apology and promise of sorts.  You know, the old, “I’m sorry I’ve done such a bad job and I promise to do better…And I mean I’ll do better than just doing better…differently.”
Hm, shall I explain?

Well, I obviously haven’t been a very good blogger as of late and that has bothered me.  Once upon a time I was a regular blogger with a blog that covered lots of different topics under the heading of “my own little universe.” It worked while I was in that stage of my life, but life changes and ever since then I’ve let proper blogging fall to the wayside.  For a while now this has just been a strange spot of hodgepodge ideas that hit me and for that I’m a truly sorry.

You deserve better, and frankly I feel a focus lacking blog that is only randomly updated is kind of like a mutilated zombie wondering without a soul. (How’d you like that word picture ;)

My solution? One: A posting schedule. Two: A strict topic.
Here’s the idea. Each week of the month I’ll highlight a different book from a different genre, sometimes classic, sometimes contemporary, always the best of the best.

1st week of the month:
Mystery and Mayhem- All things mystery/suspense.
2nd week of the month:
Romance and Reason – All forms of romance novels, from Chicklit to Historical.
3rd week of the month:
No-Nonsense-Nonfiction – Spiritual, historical, biography and whatever else falls under nonfiction.
4th week of the month:
Catchalls- The everything else category, from general to young adult to those darn books that defy genre.
Last week/remain days of the month:
Book Ends: General discussion of a topic or trend in the book market of the moment.

You may or may not find my topic of choice original, but I’ve been a bibliophile all my life so there’s really no point in trying to change me.  Seriously, I met my kindergarten teacher after 20 years and she remembered me because I was obsessed with a particular book series.  There’s no hope for me.

Anyway, I am hoping this regiment makes my blogging better by in large and I love talking about books with people.  But even if no one reads my posts, I’ll just personally feel better in having a coherent blog with a little life.
…I know zombies are popular right now, but I really hate them.

Check out my Home Page for the books I’ll cover in May.

16 thoughts on “A Note To My Dear Readers

  1. Great Emily…and don’t feel bad. I think first & foremost blogging is about the writer. There’s too much emphasis on building audiences, etc when what is important is a blogger is true to themselves. If that doesn’t get to a lot of people then so what?

    On another topic, is there another novel coming shortly?

    1. I agree, Ian. That’s why I decided to switch to strictly book reviews. I know that is always a topic I can get enthusiastic about. :) But I did feel I needed to return to regularly updating this blog, at the very least, as an attempt to force discipline.

      As to another book, we’ll I am a few chapters away from a final edit (I’ve promised my family I will stop editing now) but I want to get a new publisher for this one, so there is no telling how long that will take. We’ll just need to keep it in our prayers! :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Glad to hear it. I love to spread the word about good books. :) And I’m glad to hear there is someone else out there standing against the growing zombie tide! When it comes to new trends people turn into such….zombies… lol

  2. A Note To My Dear Blogger

    This is an apology and, if not a promise of sorts, at least a new resolve: To be a better blog follower.

    I know nothing of good and bad bloggers (unless zombies are the blog topic of choice, which would doubtless lead me to mentally file that blog(ger) under the “Bad” heading), but I do know for certain that I’ve been a very, very, VERY bad, bad, bad, naughty, etc. etc. etc. blog follower! No comments, no comments, no comments and no… comments. (Or whatever else it is that good blog followers do.) There’s been an inexcusable lack in the interaction department on my part and so… I think you deserve better, and frankly, I feel a focus lacking friend who only randomly bothers to comment is kind of like a mutilate- ewww, gross! (Um, I liked the word picture just fine. I think. I’ll let you know for sure after I finish with this faint.)

    BTW, I really love your idea. Brilliant. Sounds like it will be fun, interesting and exciting all at the same time! (Referring to the blog posts, of course. But – who knows, it may not be likely, but we can always hope – maybe the comments will be too.) :P

    Oh, and zombies. I’m not completely clear on what they are (not being particularly fond of horror movies), but I do have kind of a sort of rather vague general impression of them which leads me to believe I don’t like them either. ;)

    1. Hahaha, Cara, I love you. I think I once called you a “commenter extraordinaire” and here I find you still live up to that name. In fact, I do believe you have out done yourself, my dear. lol But now, you see, I have an even better reason to blog regularly…I’ll get comments from you!

      Oh, and I am sorry to have caused you to faint. I doubt you truly wish to know what zombies are. All I’m really sure about is that they are creatures who wander around, loosing limbs with every step. But, hey, I just got that from watching a preview for a children’s movie. :P

      1. Now that I’ve recovered from my second faint (this one brought on by a description of all you really know about zombies), I am ready to begin commenting like a… well, commenting in such a manner that all my limbs will get loose. But hopefully not lost, since see… I only have four. :P

        Oh right, so now that I’ve recovered from my second faint, I have two things to say:



        Let’s not watch any children’s movies. :P

        Other than that – bring on the blogs!

      2. Hahaha, it’s good to know my writing has such a visceral effect on people. Man, my words are powerful. lol But I think you’re right, children’s movies are way to dangerous these days. :P

        I just hope people will find this new idea worthy enough to come back for on a regular basis. o_O That is the goal.
        Although, here I am, declaring that May 1st will be my first post…and I’m actually posting it on April 30th. But that’s what happens when your boss asks you to come in early tomorrow. lol

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