More Than Just Inspired

I was told recently to identify the people whose lives impacted me the most and keep those lessons and their memories close to me.  So I thought about it and picked the following four individuals.  Their stories inspire me, challenge me, and sometimes even torment me a little, because I’m not sure if I could ever be as strong.  :)  These are a few short lessons I’ve learned from them after studying both their work and their lives.  I encourage you to know them better.  And tell me, who are your heroes?

Agatha Christie
The most ordinary people can do the most extraordinary things.
The most extraordinary people are the ones who cherish the ordinary things.



Corrie Ten Boom
Do what is right, no matter the cost.
Forgive other’s sin, no matter how horrible.
Always remember, God turns the darkest moments into our greatest strength, if we let Him.



Jane Austen
Witt and romance are worthless if they are not founded on propriety, honor and selflessness.




Glenn Beck
Face reality.
Adapt to reality.
Keep dreaming.
Keep believing.

4 thoughts on “More Than Just Inspired

  1. Love this post! I enjoy the lessons you posted next to each. Thank you.
    Some of the most inspiring people I’ve met are ones that I know well . . . like my Grandmother, my Dad, my Mom, a dance teacher I know who brings her faith to her studio, and an organ teacher I had. In the history books and on the news, I look to Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Scott Hamilton (skater). I need to think on this a bit more . . .

  2. I’ve read of a number of people having pictures in their offices of the people who inspire them. When faced with a tough challenge or decision, they look at those pics and think, “What would Ben Franklin do? What would George Washington do?” I don’t have the pics hanging up, but I do have some inspirational people I look to. Great post.

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