That Place

I’m in that place.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  That place where the finish line is so close and yet so far.  The hard part is over, but the part that’s left isn’t exactly easy.  The last few steps in a marathon.

For me “that place” is editing a manuscript.  To be precise, the next manuscript I’d like to have turned into a book.  I originally wrote it at the end of 2008 and since then have rewritten, edited, edited some more, had other people edit, and so on and so on.  It has not been a constant project, indeed there have been many times I wasn’t particularly set on using it as my next one and put down entirely.  But then last year on a whim I entered it into the ACFW’s Genesis contest and lo and behold it came out a semi-finalist.

So…I took the comments the judges gave me on how to improve it more and I edited again.

And now here I am.  The whole thing has been correctly formatted (tedious) and about half of the chapters have been officially edited.  Of course that means that another whole half of the manuscript needs the final edits plugged in.  Did I mention this manuscript is over 108,000 words?

So, yes, I can see the finish line of this marathon, but I’m not sprinting like I was in the beginning.  It’s more like I’m dragging my limbs along the ground as my eyes blur from exhaustion.  But you know what?  I will make it to that finish line.  I will make it to the last page, cover all the little notes and corrections I made in blue ink, click save and cross that line…which in this case is submitting my humble stack of papers to agents.

And that will be an entirely new place for me, but at least it will be a new place. ;)

What is your place right now?

4 thoughts on “That Place

  1. Cheering you on to the finish line! I can relate on a smaller scale; you are are happy to be this far along, yet there’s a lot of work yet to do. My WIP is not even halfway finished, so I’ve a long road ahead. But it is a good road. :)

  2. Good luck on the final stretch! I’m on the other side of the race right now, working up the will to really start running (I’ve got pages of outlines and notes, now it’s time to actually start putting it together and writing!). See you on the other side! ;)

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