Somebody Please Say Merry Christmas!

This has sort of become an annual post for me, but I think as we officially start out the Christmas season it is always worth saying.  So, maybe we’ll just call this particular little post yet another Christmas tradition.


We’ve become quite accustomed to the outcry against saying Merry Christmas by now.  Such words might offend someone.

A few years ago I worked for a major department store during the Christmas season.  While we were not told to avoid saying Merry Christmas, it was pretty clear that a traditional Christmas was not on the marketing agenda.  The slogan for the season was “Give” (aka, buy).  Christmas trees were confined to the corner that sold ornaments.  Other than that, decorations consisted only of snowflakes and fake presents.

Still, I just decided to say Merry Christmas to every person who came by my register.  I am here to tell you that nobody was offended.  Most people smiled and returned the greeting.  Multiple people stopped, sighed, and said, “THANK YOU FOR NOT SAYING HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”

It is a sad, sad day indeed when the majority of the population fears offending the approximately one percent of people who get offended by everyone anyway.

So please, this Christmas season, do everyone a favor and SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS to as many people as you can.

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