Smile for me this week.

Not too much original thought this week, my friends. :) I’m taking the week off from the blogger world because there’s just too much going on for me to hold onto my sanity if I tried to do it all. (Please no additional comments about my sanity;)

So, for this week I’m just sharing some of my smiles with you. ;)

Yes, all these angels belong to my family. :D What makes you smile?

13 thoughts on “Smile for me this week.

  1. Cute photos, though I've seen them already! LOL! Man, you must be awful busy to be taking a break from blogging! Hope the new job is going well! What makes me smile? A better question would probably be what doesn't make me smile, because I tend to smile a LOT! ;-)

  2. Love'em all, but especially the one with the monkey on his head. No need to apologize, we all need breaks when life gets busy. Blessings**

  3. Brianna: Yeah, I'm REALLY busy. I've been moved up to FULL-full time for the week. ;) But it's all good, right?Hope you're doing well. :)Karen: Yes, we love our little monkey girl. ;) Hope you are doing well too! :)

  4. Cute. :) (No, I must refrain from comments on her sanity. ;) LOL!) :D The other day I was out with some friends and we stopped at a restaurant for lunch… at a table near us, there were two of the cutest, chubbiest, awesomest, little twin babies you have ever seen. :D When I walked by them, I smiled, and the little boy gave me a smile back! Totally warmed my heart. :) That was a major smile moment. :D

  5. These are cute:) Hope you have a good break! I think I need to take one soon. Too many projects, too little time! Something needs to be adjusted, I'm thinking, for me that is! A break would be a good start; thanks for inspiring me.What makes me smile? My two year old grandson always makes me smile. Always.

  6. Tyrean: Good! :DRobyn: Perfect reason to smile. :) Don't tell me you're back just in time for me to take a break. ;) Karen: It sounds like you definitely need a break (and chocolate). It's better to do that if the only other option is meltdown. :)

  7. Sometimes it definitely is necessary to take those breaks! Something that makes me smile is thinking about favorite places and the people I love. And snuggling up with my family.

  8. Hi Emily Ann -Enjoy your blogging break. My family, friends, Babies and little kids, my veggie garden, blogging, and answers to prayer are a few of the many things that make me smile.Blessings,Susan :)

  9. Julia: Those are perfect smiles. :) Susan: I'm so glad you have lots of things that make you smile. I can't say I've "enjoyed" my break from blogging, but it did take some stress of me. ;) Kathryn: Thanks for stopping by! I hope I did perk your day right up! :D

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