Oh, no! The eBooks are coming for me!

I’m considering renaming this blog “Things I thought I’d never do” since that particular topic comes up so often. ;) So what did I do this time that I was once sure I wasn’t ever really going to get into? One word. Ebook. :P

We’ve talked about eBooks here before. My book is available as an eBook and on Kindle, so I’ve looked into the concept…but I’m a book person! I love the look of full bookshelves as much as I do reading itself. ;)
That’s not to say that the idea of the eBook hasn’t slowly been edging into my brain. I’ve read a bit in an eBook form. A serial here and there. But never a full book experience. It seemed so wrong, part of the reason being I do not like excessive scrolling on a computer screen. I think I have scroll-sickness (It’s a recognized disorder, right?). And all the “eBook readers” have screens so small my eyes strain at the very thought of trying to use one, not to mention the heart attack my wallet would have if I thought of buying one.
Well, then along comes a co-worker of mine, extolling wonders of eBooks. She showed me the free eBook reader software anyone can download from Barns and Nobles’ website. It’s set up to read left to right so that when you are looking at the computer screen you are in essence looking at an open faced book.
Sure, it looked a lot more comfortable to read and how can you beat free, right? But still, we’re talking eBooks and I like real books….
…I was firm in my belief until last Saturday. Then I suddenly found myself wanting to read a particularly book, but:
1.) I did not have time to go to the bookstore.
2.) I did not want to spend much money on the book because I wasn’t sure if it was any good.
3.) I really did not have time to go hunt for it at the library in hopes that I wouldn’t have to spend money on it.
So what was my solution? I downloaded it from B&N for $2 and started reading it immediately.

Now I’m wondering if this is how all those book people out there fall down the rabbit hole of eBooks. I use to think eBooks were something non-book people got into, but I can thoroughly see the appeal at the moment. :P Don’t worry too much. I still love owning books. A part of me kind of wants to go out and buy a copy of the book and just put it on my shelves. ;)
So, have you fallen into the eBook world yet or do you still insist that you are a through and through traditional print person?

Just for the record, my very first eBook was (drum-roll please) The Phantom of the Opera. Haven’t you ever watched a movie and wanted to know how the book compared? ;)

17 thoughts on “Oh, no! The eBooks are coming for me!

  1. Still reading the old fashioned way . . . but I read a number of short stories and poems online regularly. There is a certain appeal to e-books, because I often have my laptop with me when my girls are in their dance classes. I also have a friend who waves her Kindle around in front of me, showing off all the cool features . . . but I haven't gone there yet.

  2. I'll probably get into it eventually even though I am an avid "book-experience" person. ;-) Phantom is one of my favorite musicals (although I haven't seen the film), so I read the book recently…definately like the musical MUCH better…but it did give a lot of insight into the story and adds a whole new dimension to many of the lyrics. Plus it answered my nagging question–how did the Phantom teach Christine if she'd never seen him before The Mirror scene? ;-)

  3. Tyrean: I've always thought that the greatest apeal to the Kindle would be portability. :) It would make reading easier on the go. You'll have to tell me if you take the plunge and if you find it worth it. ;) Alexandra: I'm sort of torn between the movie and the book. There were things I liked about both. The book is definitely much darker, but I did like that it expanded a lot that the movie just couldn't get into with a limited time frame. (I do miss the songs however. ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Sorry, but I am still a traditional print book person through and through. ;-) I hate reading stuff on the computer… It's not as relaxing as curling up in a comfy chair with the glossy cover of a new book in hand. I have downloaded eBooks before, but they were always freebies and I always printed them out before I read them. I figure if I'm going to use all that paper and ink to print out an eBook, I might as well just go buy or borrow the actual book instead. *Shrugs*

  5. Briann: Ah, my friend, you are giving all the reason I use to give. LOL But I seriously see all your points and I still like books themselves. I'm just finding that in certain circumstances there is vaule in the experience. ;) Have a great 4th of July, btw. :)

  6. It's funny your blogged about this, because yesterday I downloaded Kindle for my Mac, and so technically–I have an e-reader on my laptop right now. But I'm not sure if I'll use it that much yet!

  7. Hi Emily -Several people have sent me ebook versions of their books. I found it tiring, uncomfortable and hard on my eyes. I want to curl up on my couch or in bed with a good book. I like carrying around my tote bag filled with a couple of books and my umbrella. Thanks, but I'll stick to the print versions.Blessings,Susan :)

  8. I love to buy books, but I could see the appeal of e-books. Especially, if you live far from town or were traveling. I might try one some day, but I probably won't give up on the paper version:)

  9. I'm not opposed to ebooks, but I still prefer to curl up with a book on the sofa. With chocolate of course. I do see the place for ebooks just as you mentioned. Think they're here to stay.Happy 4th!Blessings,Karen :)

  10. Lydia: Yes, it remains to be seen if it's something that will be used a lot or just on occation. Diane: Help me, Diane, help me!! LOLSusan: I still think there is more "comfort" in reading a real book. :) Kara: Yes, I think if you traveled more it would be ideal. :) Day to day I think books will still prevail! :) Karen: Hm, well, under the circumstances you have mentioned (chocolate) reading in general would be good. ;) Thanks and happy 4th to you too. :)

  11. Hmmm… I am not a big fan of Ebooks, Though perhaps I should mention that my experience with them is very limited. Well, OK. the painful truth is… my experience with them is practically nil, I have been going soley by my opinion of them. LOL Emily, you may have just inspired someone to give Ebooks a chance. So if you don't hear from me for a while, you have my permission to start feeling guilty for causing me to form a new addiction. (And by definition, insuring my absence from all other activities (like commenting on your blog – that's one of my favorites) :) that might take me away from it.) :P ;)

  12. Omg I love the Barnes and Noble Nook. It reads like a real book you should check it out! It even has page buttons to switch the pages. You might want to check it out

  13. Cindy: Off all the eBook readers, the Kindle does seem to be the most attractive. :)Cara: I can't decide if I feel guilty for driving you away from the rest of the world or happy because you have found a new passion. ;) LOLEm: I saw the nook in the store recently, but the screen looked so small. My eyes aren't great. :P But maybe I'll go back and take a look since you recommend it so! ;)

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