Bear with me, my friends.

This is one of my apology/explanation posts, put up primarily because I feel really bad. :-/ I haven’t been able to read many blogs or respond to e-mails or Face Book recently and I think I’m starting to look a little rude. So, if I haven’t stopped by your blog, or replied to your e-mail, or agreed that your status is totally LOL, I’m really sorry. :(

You see, I started a new job (praise God!). It WILL be part-time, but right now I’m in the middle of several weeks of training. So, I’m working full-time hours…and coming home with handbooks and how-to’s. I think it’s going to turn out to be a really good thing, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. A LOT. ;)

But in the meantime I haven’t gotten to go around and read what everyone is posting. :( I am trying to keep to my regular posting schedule on this blog and I do reply to the comments. Yes, if you leave a comment on this blog I will leave a reply comment here!! I’m just doing a really long reply at the end of the day instead of a new one every few hours.

So, tell me, my friends, what have I been missing? What awesome things have you been talking about on your blogs and Face Book? Come on, don’t leave me out of the loop just because I am trying to learn an entirely new computer system! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

16 thoughts on “Bear with me, my friends.

  1. Good luck with your new job! I don't get irritated when people aren't visiting or commenting. It's summer, after all!And anyway, blogging isn't life, is it?Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on getting the job, Emily! I'll be praying for ya! ;-)I don't blame you if you're a bit out-of-touch for a while, because I'm sure balancing your new job, writing, family life, and blogging/etc. is no easy task! I know I couldn't do it! Something would likely suffer if I tried to do all that. :-O Course, I've never been much good at multi-tasking… LOL! I like to pour all my energy into one thing at a time. ;-)

  3. You don't have to apologize. Life happens, and blogging and such has to fit around that. I've been feeling bad about not getting to your blog; I actually have it on my to-do list:) Relax and enjoy your weekend!Blessings,Karen

  4. New jobs are always fun! I hope you learn quickly and always enjoy it!!Not much has been going on here for the same reason! Although I'm hoping my hours will stay about the same. I just come home so tired from sun and watching people swim that taking time to write something coherent and meaningful seems like dragging my brain through mud. :)To tell you the truth, this comment has so many spelling errors!! Until I fix them of course!

  5. Hi Emily -What a great reason to be missing from the blogosphere! A few links, a meeting with a blogger buddy, a book review, and "Perk, Perk" is all you missed. You can always check the archives. :)Blessings,Susan

  6. Lydia: Thanks! Blogging isn't life? Really? LOL. Diane: I'm looking forward to it! :)Angie: Ah, the best stuff is the everyday stuff, right? :)Brianna: Thanks! :D Yeah, it's going to be interesting. But when my schedule goes to p/t I'm sure things will be a little easier. :)Karen: Hope you have a good weekend too. :) And don't worry! Lady: I know! My brain just slows to a stand still! LOL Hope your job keeps going well. :)Susan: Thanks. I read a little bit about your blogger meeting when I was scrolling really quickly through FB the other day. :) That's so neat.

  7. Congratulations on your new job!!! Good Luck, I hope it all works out!The blogs still continue on from post to post, it's hard to keep up at times!!

  8. Poor Emily, ;) my status was just totally 'LOL!' :P Haha!(You'll never know what you missed. *tears* LOL) No fears – I have never thought of you as rude in any way, and you're in no danger of me starting now. :)What have you been missing? Hmm. Well, on my last status I discussed having plastic surgery done on my ears. :P (ROFL) Take care, Emily! Hope your job training goes well. (Though I can't imagine you having any problem learning an 'entirely new computer system'.) You have a great weekend too! :D

  9. Oops. There I go again with another of my won't-stop-'til-the-world-ends comments. ;) Hehe. I AM thinking about starting a blog. :P

  10. Jen: Thanks. Yes, it's amazing how easy it is to loose track. ;) Cara: All I have to say is LOL. Well, that and ROFLOL. I'm seriously sad about missing your plastic ear surgury status. ;) But I still say you should start a blog!!

  11. Emily Ann,I've been very busy and neglecting the blog, too. No choice.I've been booking a number of speaking opportunities about my book. It's not a signing, it is speaking. Have my first one this Wed. If interested, let me know.wb

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