The Weekend

I found myself wondering last night, “What on earth am I going to post about tomorrow?” My brain was dry of anything particularly profound or amusing. I’ve got a feeling that had a lot to do with this weekend.
We had one of “those” weekends. You know the kind. By 7 o’clock Saturday morning the whole family was on the porch wondering what on earth we were going to do. :P
The air conditioning flat-lined late Friday night, so we all woke up on Saturday feeling icky while my mother tried to find a repair man she could beg into coming over. In the wake of that circumstance our plans were official dead as well.
We’d set aside both the money and the day to at last finish the courtyard we’d been working on out front, but with the prospect of having to buy a new air conditioning our budget promptly went out the window. And somewhere along the way the favored coffee mug broke, burning a family member with hot coffee in the process.
But 7:30 we were all considering going back to bed. ;)
Fortunately, my father is good at rallying us, so after debate we settled on finally fixing the watering system in the backyard. We all got muddy in the process, but the yard started looking and working remarkably better as we went along. We were actually having fun, then I suddenly realized my dog was having even more fun. I found her lying in puddle, happy as a sow in her pen. She’s is the cleanest dog in the house every day of the week, but as soon as she sees me digging in the dirt she decides her chance to muddy up has at last come. LOL
So, when a repair man miraculously arrived, I picked her up and put her in the bathtub (which, looking back, was a stupid thing to do considering she weights more than 65lbs) while my mother changed the covers on the sofa. Yes, she made it to the couch cushions before we could stop her. :) Gotta love dogs.
And, in the middle of it all, I had a story I really needed to finish. It wasn’t working well in my head and I finally got to the, “Okay, God, if it’s going to work You’re just going to have give it to me” point. Shortly thereafter the story came to me in crystal clarity. Why is it so easy to forget I can’t do this without Him?
All and all, it was a successful weekend and amusing now that I looked back on it. Currently, the most amusing part is, after all the work we put into the AC and water system so both human and plants would be happy in the 90 degree weather, we awoke this morning to find the temperature had done a freefall into the 60s and rain is in the forecast. LOL
Okay, now that it’s all out of my head, maybe I’ll be able come up with something profound shortly.
How was your weekend, my friend?

Oh, just two quick announcements. I have a book signing coming up on June 5th at a library in Fresno CA. Check out my EVENTS page for all the details.
And, blogger-writer Th. Mafi is having an AWESOME contest on her blog right now. Prizes include Amazon cash, sighed books, and query/manuscript critiques. You must go over and see right away!

13 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. I had a tough weekend…I have not felt well. However, in my downtime I prayed A LOT. So, I would say my weekend was very productive.Blessings, andrea

  2. Had a busy weekend here, but not as eventful as yours! Glad things are back to normal. Will check out the link, thank you. And you know, when stuck for a blog topic, chocolate is always a good back up. I can tell you stories about going to the Hershey chocolate factory in Hershey, PA when I was young…Imagine living in a town scented like chocolate! One of these days I'll have to post about, yes, chocolate. :)Have a good day,Karen

  3. Andrea: I hope you're feeling better! Prayer is definitely a great way to stay productive. :) Karen: I should blog about chocolate! I'm pretty sure I've blogged enough about cappuccino..for now. ;) I actually had to do a report on Hershey when I was in school. I love his story! And his city. ;)

  4. Isn't it funny how the things you need are only around when they're broken? Or missing?I think it's a reminder to appreciate the things you have. That's how I justify it!

  5. If I lived closer I would visit but Fresno, CA is quite a drive from Houston, TX!!Sounds like a busy and hectic week but overall successful! God can be so funny sometimes with the weather changes! I often forget to just ask him for help, but it never fails whenever I remember he's right there for me. Gotta love God, he always keeps the inspiration alive!

  6. Shannon: I know! The idea of life without A/C is crazy. :PLydia: We've definitely learned to appreciate that A/C! :? And the watering system. Jen: Maybe someday I'll make it to TX for a book signing. :) I think God arranges things so we remember that we still need Him. :) Lindsay: Yes, those sorts of things tend to pile up. ;)

  7. Oh Emily Ann, what a weekend! I wish you had snapped a pic of your dog in the mud. If you did please post it! :P I'm glad things are working better in all areas, now. Blessings*

  8. My weekend didn't feel too much like a weekend.I'm in job transition and my new job is only open a couple days a week so most of last week was a weekend until Friday! Then I had graduation and a party and Sunday had church.My story is way less interesting!! :)

  9. Oh dear, sounds like your dog took full advantage of it being one of 'those' weekends. But if the dog could speak I bet he would describe it as one of the best weekends ever!

  10. Hi Emily -Our weekend was busy, but I'm recharged and ready for this week. I stayed away from the computer and lived life!Blog topics just come as I read, live, and pray. One of my favorite scriptures talks about having not because we don't ask. I've learned to ask and then trust Him for the answers.Blessings,Susan :)

  11. Have fun at your book signing!Playing in the mud sounds fun. And you're right, it's so easy to forget that God's the inventor of creativity so he's got an endless supply when we're too busy or burnt out lol.

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