The Question?

Q: What are you going to do today?
A: I’m going to change the world.

Q: How do you do that?
A: I’m going to change a life…or two…or more.

Q: And how do you plan on doing that?
A: I’m going to smile at someone, make someone laugh, help someone with something, give someone a gift, tell someone the truth, tell someone I love them, tell someone God loves them, give someone a hug, listen to someone, write a book that does it all….Whatever it is, I’M GOING TO DO SOMEMTHING, because I’m done with doing nothing.

Q: What are you going to do today?
A: [Fill in the blank]

32 thoughts on “The Question?

  1. What am I going to do today? Umm work and beg the time to move a little faster! I need four o'clock!!!!!Hehe other than that you made me smile with this post so consider yourself completed on all your goals for the day!

  2. I am going to look at each of my kids, really see them, and really listen to them. Enjoy who they are right now, today.Thanks for the prompt! Yay!

  3. Hmm… I will choose to be positive next time I run into something I want to overreact to today.And I will spend time with my poor neglected hubby.Great prompt. Thanks :)

  4. Jen: I hope 4 o'clock makes it to you soon! And thanks for fullfilling me. ;) Lydia: We do too often forget to enjoy people in the here and now. :) MBW: Sometimes we do have to make a concious decision to stay positive. ;)

  5. Redeem the time as best I can…which includes praying for my family and writing friends (like you:) and tutoring a student in reading comprehension. My prayer is that I would be a blessing to others. It helps my keep my focus off myself.Blessings to you and your readers,Karen

  6. Diane: Showing appreciation is SO important. :) Karen: Thank you for your prayers! I really appreciate them. :) Focusing on the needs of others is a great way to find a ton of motivation. :)Blessings to you!

  7. Tell someone that I love them? Yep, that will elicit a smile. If that fails, at least it will get them emotional in some way. :P

  8. A: I'm going to remember, as best I can, in each moment the promises and faithfulness of the One who calls me.A: I'm going to respond to the gentle poking and whispered "pssst" that echos in my mind.A: I'm going to actually THINK, when I respond, to what is happening and how best God's glory would be shown in my responses/reactions.Whew!! That was a mind-bender…but a heart lifter!Thanks…for both this and for your visit to my place.:) Bina

  9. Hmmmm, really great question!! I'm going to keep my eyes open and look at people. I'm too busy, so busy that I don't notice when someone needs a hand. Your right, there are so many little things that make a big difference!

  10. Daga: Remember, we are working on positive emotions here. ;) :P Susan: Actually, writing a note to a friend is a great way to show you love them! And we can never underestimate the power of prayer. :) Bina: A lot of times we don't really "think" about what we're doing. We just live. That's fine, but to make an impact we often really have to think through the choices we make. :)Alexis: I tend to get overly busy too! It's just so easy! :P

  11. Cindy: In this world, with all the stresses, that can be hard. Sometimes we just need practice! :) M: I hope the school event goes well! And I'm sure your boys will appreciate your work. :) Tyrean: Embracing the life God has given us is often the first step! That's when we start looking for ways to use what we have. :)

  12. I'm going to listen to my 7yr old tell all about his video game without letting my eyes glaze over.Then listen to his bedtime prayers.

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