Help Me Decide & A Great Opportunity For Writers.

This is a double topic post, just because I have two things I want to say and I don’t want to wait to post them separately. Yeah, waiting is not one of my strong points. God and I work on it often. ;)

ANYWAY…First off, I’m having a great time with the discussion we’re all having over Blonde heroines verses other hair colors, both here on the social networking world and in the real one. A friend of mine came to visit this week and one of the first things she said after getting settled was, “I support blonde heroines!” :D
So, I’ve decided to ask for your help decided my next round with hair colors. The current heroine I’m working on does not yet have an assigned color. Would you like to help me decided? Then vote in the poll I just put up (look to the right). Whatever color has the most votes will appear in the story.

All right, up next. Author, Elana Johnson is offering an amazing opportunity to writers. She’s running a contest on her blog this week. The grand prize? You’ll get your query critiqued for free by a real agent. I think it’s fair to say we could all use a little professional help when it comes to our writing and especially our queries. It’s the first chance we have to sell our work.
So, check it out at
(Deadline: Sunday)

Have a great weekend all! And hooray for team USA! Two gold medals last night alone!
…Hm, did I just introduce a third topic?

12 thoughts on “Help Me Decide & A Great Opportunity For Writers.

  1. I've always been partial to brunettes, probably b/c I am one:) But I like the idea of an auburn heroine too.Thanks for the reminder of Elana's contest. I need to get over there.Blessings to you and your readers,Karen

  2. I agree, this year's Olypmics have been great. Even in the events where the "expected" athlete wins there's a lot of drama and some great preformances. The Olympics is really the only sporting event I get into and I always find it worth it! :)

  3. Raven black hair is winning so far! Woot! ;-) LOL!I suppose one of the main reasons I'm so biased is because blonde seems to be the popular, expected hair color for heroes/heroines in movies/books/etc. In my natural tendency to rebel against the norm, I thus avoid having main characters (to a certain extent) with blonde hair. I've also been noticing I have a tendency to give villians blonde hair, though I'm not exactly sure why… *Shrugs* LOL! By the way, if your character could talk I'm not so sure she would like having people vote on what hair color she gets to have… :-P LOL!

  4. Lol, true, Brianna, my character definitely would not like other people telling her what to do! ;) Your POV is so interesting because my sister's case against blondes is they are always the bad girls and I should stick with that because it's more aceptable. LOL. As far as I can tell most people vote for their own hair color. Which probably explains why I'm inclined to make my heorines blonde. ;)

  5. I voted for black hair to open the door for non-white characters. Actually, my son, who's half-Filipino, has my light brown hair. I wonder if it will darken when he gets older.

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