She’s a blonde. No, she’s a brunette. No, she’s a blonde. No, she’s a brunette.

My sister, also known as my first-line editor, is as much a part of my writing experience as my laptop. In fact, I would hazard to say if it wasn’t for her encouragement Only Angels Are Bulletproof would never have gotten past four chapters.
But we do have one long standing disagreement when it comes to my books. Hair color.
“You need more brunette heroines,” she’ll start. “All of your heroines are blonde.”
“So?” I’ll reply.
“So, blondes aren’t supposed to be the heroines. They’re either the dumb character or the evil character.”
“That’s not true. There are lots of good blondes.”
“Name one.”
“Yeah, you really should dye your hair dark. Nobody actually believes blondes can write.”
And that’s when I have to decide whether to laugh or throttle her…She’s still alive, just in case you were wondering.
Well, I still say I’m proving there are smart blondes one heroine at the time. But if you ever come upon a character in my books who is only described as having “brown eyes” and nothing more, know that is a character my sister and I had a disagreement over. This way my sister can believe she’s a brunette and I can know she’s blonde. ;)

13 thoughts on “She’s a blonde. No, she’s a brunette. No, she’s a blonde. No, she’s a brunette.

  1. LOL That's hilarious. Maybe that'll be a part of your brand. You're the author who only has blonde heroines. heheheLove your book title, btw.Lynnette Labelle

  2. ROTFL! That's hilarious! Only, I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with your sister here… ;-) I happen to be partial to villains with blonde hair and the heroes/heroines with any color hair (black, red, brown, etc.) that is not blonde, though I do make exceptions sometimes. Sorry! LOL!

  3. Lol, that would be too funny. Yes, I am champion of the blondes! Brianna, I have tried to write heroines with other hair colors…but it just never comes out quite right. :P Maybe I just can't connect. LOL

  4. Way to go! I'm glad you have blonde heroines. Although my hair started as brunette at birth, I had the fun of being naturally dishwater blonde for several years – age 6 months through 10, and then my hair color just naturally went back to a "mild" brunette color. My daughters, one with changing hair color like mine, and one who will probably be strawberry blonde forever, would like to read more blonde heroines. Believe it or not,the brunette heroine trend starts in elementary and middle school age books.

  5. I read an article that said the countries with the most Noble Prize winners are the countries with the most blondes. Mmm, that information would recast the whole "dumb blonde" discussion.

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