What do you like?

Earlier this week I posted the question, “When it comes to blogs, what types do you like to read?” on my Face Book page. Frankly, the answers surprised me a little.
Almost everyone answered, “interesting stories” or “funny stores” or, my personal favorite, “tales of people being attacked or harassed by life.” :)
The reason these answers surprised me is that they sort of fly in the face of articles on how people should blog. It is generally believed that bloggers should stick to one topic and generally be informative. I’ve never much questioned this view…I just thought I was alone in preferring bloggers who talked about life. Lol.
I do enjoy informative blogs or topical blogs, but sometimes they get to be a bit repetitive for me. It goes the same for writing blogs. I post a lot about books and writing, but it’s not any fun if that’s all I talk about. ;)
So what about you? To all those out there in the blogosphere, what types of blogs do you like to read?

7 thoughts on “What do you like?

  1. I'm such a people person. Information is great and I love learning, but I want to learn about people too. I want to see the personality. If a person is friendly, I tend to go back again and again no matter what the content on their blogs. I think a level of professionalism should be present too, but it doesn't need to be overdone. Certainly optimism and humor bring me back to blogs as well.

  2. It's true, there is a balance when it comes to writing blogs. If the writer isn't careful, the post can come off as vacant, but too much seriousness and it's just dry, no matter how good the content is. Agreed, Diane! Short posts are much more readable. :)

  3. I vote with Diane on the short blog posts, generally a must. And I do like blogs with themes, visiting a variety that get my interest. My blog has a theme, about living our choice lives, but I throw in a little distraction every now and then with weekend posts that are just light and fun – Saturday snapshots, or my Rate the Doorway, and Rate the Summer Porch Series. Just to break it up a little!

  4. On my blog:- Satire/jokes get the most replies.- Technical posts get the most hits from Google.- Other posts are somewhere in the middle, except when I manage to hit a nerve.

  5. I love reading blogs on how to improve my writing, if they aren't ten miles long! I go on so many blogs, I don't have time to read long posts at each one. I also enjoy funny or touching stories of people's lives, photos of the bd party you gave your pet hamster, quirky things like that…

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