Do happy endings really exist?

I read an interesting book this weekend that asked the question, “Is there really such a thing as a happy ending?” You know, the type that takes place at the end of a book or movie.
Guy meets girl, they marry: happy ending.
Or, creative genius reaches his goal, his work is recognized: happy ending.
Well, the answer to that question is simply, NO. (Hold on with me her for a second.)
The answer is no because life goes on! Well, in the real world it does. Life doesn’t just stop in a blissful glow because we’ve reached a goal. There’s still work to do!
Trust me, getting a book published wasn’t the end of the story for me. In fact, it’s just a step on a path that still leaves me feeling out of breath sometimes. :-) But I’m still glad I’m here.
The point of this short post? Don’t think of happy endings as endings. They are in fact new beginnings.
In a sense, aren’t you glad that’s the way it goes?

By the way, if you’re looking for a good little book to spend a day or two on, I can recommend Beth Pattillo’s Jane Austen Ruined My Life.
I love that title. :)

17 thoughts on “Do happy endings really exist?

  1. That's an interesting way of looking at it, but then again I think about movies I've seen or books that I've read that had really "happy endings" and it left me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Life goes on with ups and downs.Lee

  2. "What happens next" always nags me too. :P But books just can't go on forever (sigh). ;) A major part of life is happy endings still need care and work. One "type" of person the book pointed out was someone who reaches a goal and then steps back and assumes that's it. In doing so the happy ending starts to decay.

  3. Hadn't thought of it like that, but it's an interesting way to look at it. As long as we remember to find joy in the journey (speaking to myself here). Thanks for sharing!Blessings,Karen

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping at my blog today. I've enjoyed reading your blog and I think your book sounds good. Interesting thought about happy endings – it really isn't the end is it? I never thought of it that way.

  5. It is a fun way of looking at things. Sunrise of eternity? That's a beautiful way of looking at it. It's true, even when it comes to our final breath on earth, we are once again facing a new beginning.Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

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