Face Book Fan Pages…The IF Debate.

I’ve noticed over the past few months there is a bit of a debate going on over whether authors or other businesses that require marketing should have FAN pages on Face Book or just maintain PERSONAL pages.
While it’s an interesting debate, I decided this week to set up a Fan page. Why?

It is okay to ask people to be your fans: The biggest aversion people seem to have over Fan pages is it asks people to become your “fan.” A lot of people feel uncomfortable doing this. I totally understand this sentiment. Trust me. But I came to the realization that I didn’t have the least bit of a problem becoming a fan of pages my friends set up. They’re not asking me to do anything more than support their work. So why should I be afraid to ask people to follow my page?
It is cleaner: My personal page is, well, my “personal” page. It’s full of inside jokes, “I love you’s” from my family, and “What time will you be here’s” from my friends (not to mention those invisible ninjas…you had to be there). If I start introducing all my book oriented stuff in there it would get pretty messy and it would probably be a little confusing for people who came to take a look at my work.
A fan page gives me a place for all book related pictures, videos, announcements, and allows me to reach out specifically on the topics that center on my book. I can also personalize it. Plus, people who are not on Face Book can explore it.
It is easier: One remedy I’ve heard people suggest is creating two personal pages, one devoted to their work and one devoted to their everyday lives. This is a decent idea and it might work for some people, but I really don’t want get into creating and maintaining two entirely separate accounts. I can administrate my Fan Page through my main account and easily share applications, like the Network Blog app that allows me to promote my blog.
(If you have a blog and a Face Book account I highly recommend using this app)

Anyway, those are my reason and my official announcement that I now have a Fan Page. If you have the time, check it out. I’ve put up never before posted stuff, like the original cover designs for my book. I also have a discussion going on miracles and angels. If you have an opinion on either, please join in.

9 thoughts on “Face Book Fan Pages…The IF Debate.

  1. Um, I thought you said that people who aren't on Facebook would be able to view your fan page? Because I don't have a Facebook account (and probably never will) and when I clicked the link to your fan page, it won't let me view it unless I log in… I really wanted to see it! What's up with that? LOL!

  2. I like your fan page. You can really put a lot of info there that gets us closer. I enjoyed the being there feel of the book signings. My daughter has a fan page for her art business. I may have to consider a fan page as well.Leehttp://tossingitout.blogspot.com/

  3. I joined your page. And I liked your book. I'll be sending you some questions for a review.I haven't started a fan page and don't know if I will, but I like your reasons for doing so. Good job.wb

  4. I just looked at your fan page. Thanks for fixing the error! Everything looks great! :-) I love your photo albums! I died laughing when I saw some of the rejected cover designs. Yes, one definately gives the impression that your book is about a nuclear war and the other makes it seem like a chicken did just walk by and left a couple white feathers behind. :-P ROTFL! The cover you ended up choosing is the best, no doubt about it! :-)I didn't know you liked to dress your dogs up…? ;-)And just for the record, I saw your post asking whether it's better for book covers to feature pictures of the characters or not. Since I can't answer on there because I don't have a Facebook account, I thought I would answer it here… Personally, I prefer books that don't show pictures of the characters on the cover, but leave it up to the imagination instead. I know that's the way I would prefer it for my novel should I ever get my own book published, because I don't believe an artist could do my characters justice. ;-) Sorry for such a long comment! LOL!

  5. It is something to consider. A lot of people consider it worth the effort. I have found that Face Book is a good way to reach people and hope this will in a way streamline my efforts. Good luck everyone!And, Brianna, I agree with you! Covers need to create a little mystery! Glad you had fun with the original cover designs. :D

  6. Very interesting debate! Thanks for sharing your side of the issue. I'm not sure how I feel yet. I still have only one FB account. I look at it as a way to connect with mostly the real-life people I've come to know, although all of my writing community friends are in there too. So, mostly I try to keep Facebook non-writing related, more personal, figuring writing friends will want to know more about my personal life too. And some day readers will as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is that facebook friends and family are my readers/fans, at least I hope they will be. So when my book release, I WILL definitely share news on Facebook about it. I can't separate out friends and fans. I think they're intermingled at this point in my writing career. Down the road, when I have true reader fans (if I do), then maybe I'll need to rethink the issue!

  7. You have a good point about seperating friends and fans. I don't really think of the people who are my "fans" as different from my friends. It's really just a place anyone, whether a friend or a someone I haven't yet met can get a clearer view of my work. I is actually already enabling me to make new friends that I might not have met otherwise. :)

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