The continued and successful use of irony. (Aliens? Sports? Fairies?)

How is it that some people can get away with drawing us in using the same ploy again and again? At the moment, I’m talking of the case of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock; a man who made his fame as a big, bad WWF wrestler then made is acting debut playing a sheriff who introduced his opponents to a baseball bat.
Know him? If you do, you might also know that over the past few years he’s become star in world of family movies. Why? Because it’s ironic! And somehow that works!
Here is a very large, menacing looking actor playing opposite cute little kids who just need his understanding. It’s an attention grabber, but at first glance it also seemed so corny.
When I first saw the trailer for Game Plan it just outright looked lame. Consequently, I was really surprised when I watched it and found both a lot of good laughs and a very family oriented messages. (blinks hard)
Then out came Race To Witch Mountain, again pitting big, bad, mean Dwayne Johnson against two willowy, needy kids on the hunt for a flying saucer. Come on! It practically screams corny!
But I watched it this weekend and, well, as far as family movies go, it was good. It actually achieved a lot of good suspense.
No, these aren’t deep, academy award worthy movies, but if you’re in need of a decent, funny, or suspenseful film, The Rock might just be your man. (That sounds so wrong ;)
And so this weekend Hollywood once again pits Johnsons’ seemly forever cemented mean guy image against little kids…and the Tooth Fairy?
My inclination when I first saw the trailer was to roll my eyes. Can they really continue to get away with this? Once again, it doesn’t seem like the type of movie worth my time…and yet?
…Maybe there is just some value in underestimation…

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