They Say I’m Wrong…

Isn’t this just the way things go? We find our niche and then the experts come along and say we are the wrong person for the job.
I was reading an article in The Writer yesterday on what type of writing fits different types of writers. The article ended with a little test that supposedly tells people what type of writer they are meant to be. According to this widely read publication I was not meant to write books. I’m a natural born article writer.
…Should I hide the stacks and stacks of manuscripts in my room?
It’s all about your time frame and research.
-Apparently, book writers are inclined to spend tons of time on their projects. I must confess, I am not. I’m not a “by the seat of my pants” writer, but I do like to put down my ideas and writer my manuscript as quickly as possible. In fact, the best books I’ve written took me little more than 4 weeks to put down.
-Book writers are also supposed to be crazy about research. Well, I like research, but I prefer to start out with a topic I know about and use research to fill in all the gaps.
…I guess that means I’ve disappointed the establishment. ;)
What about you?
Any other lighting strike styled out writers out there? ;)

3 thoughts on “They Say I’m Wrong…

  1. I think I'd be in trouble too. I am currently doing kids books, so not too much research is needed for them I figure. :O)Obviously what you wrote is working for you,so keep it up!

  2. ROTFL! That's hilarious! See, I told you that you were capable of writing articles! ;-) Wish I could take that quiz! I'd be curious to know what kind of score I'd get! You think there could be some way you could e-mail it to me?

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