The Best Books Of My Year

This is sort of a correction of a previous post. In the summer I put up a list of books that I wanted to read and in response a friend said she thought they all sounded like good reads. The problem is several turned out to be really bad. So I thought I’d put up a list of the book I truly did find worth reading. After all, if you find that perfect moment to curl up with a book, you don’t want it to be a total, frustrating waste of time. (Yes, this is a serious subject for me ;)
If you’ve read some great books this year, leave me a comment. Or, if you have a blog, post your own list and let me know. :)

Halo: Kristen Heitzmann
The Christmas Sweater: Glen Beck
Recommendations from my mom:
All Through The Night: Mary Higgans Clark
The Christmas Thief: Mary and Carol Higgans Clark.

Edge of Recall: Kristen Heitzmann
Midnight Sea: Coleen Coble
Let Me Call You Sweetheart: Mary Higgans Clark
The Orient Express: Agatha Christie
Recommendation from my mom:
Whispers of the Bayou: Mindy Starns Clark

A Bride Most Begrudging: Deeanne Gist (American Colonial)
Fancy Pants: Cathy Marie Hake (American Western)
Benoni: Joanna Marie (American Western)

Classic Novel Fan Fiction
Darcy’s Story: Janet Aylmer
Sherlock Holmes and the Kings’s Evil: Donald Thomas

General Fiction
The Book Of Hours: Davis Bunn

Facets of Fantasy: Sarah Scheele

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Trenton Lee Stewart
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey: Trenton Lee Stewart
Recommendation from my sister:
The Black Arrow: Robert Louis Stevenson

Get Out Of That Pit: Beth Moore
To Live Is Christ: Beth Moore
Never Give Up: Joyce Meyer
21 Ways to Peace and Happiness: Joyce Meyer
How To Succeed At Being Yourself: Joyce Meyer
(Yes, I know, JM books sound so self-help. Lol. She’s known for doing that on purpose because so many people don’t understand religious sounding titles :P)
John Adams: David McCullough (I’m actually in the still working on this one, but so far it’s good.)

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