Just had fun. (Book signing #4)

Yes, this weekend’s book signing just turned out to be a lot of fun. There were some very interesting moments involved, but overall, I really enjoyed this one and I think my family did as well.
A lot of people I know actually showed up. :) Everyone from a man who works at the pharmacy we go to, a client of our drafting business, a long time co-worker of my dad’s, even two girls I met at Career Day, came down. Just by coincidence one of the authors I had my last book signing with (who is also one of my art teachers from many years ago) happened to be in the store. Everyone was able to stop and visit with my family. Even the family at the wrapping paper table came over.
Of course, some of the most interesting moments included a woman who wanted me to give my testimony, another who wanted to know about my marital status, and a man who started an argument with me because I said Merry Christmas to him. (Just for the record. I have a Christmas tree in my house. I do not worship it.)
Well, life would be boring if the unexpected didn’t show up on a regular basis. ;)

Btw, thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog. I really appreciate it. :)

I have a collection of Christmas angels and this seemed like the perfect moment to let one shine.

When I first showed up there was only one very small table out. The manager quickly realized that the stack of books and I could not fit there together. So I got my own little table.

Tom, a friend of my brother, was able to come down and spend the day with us. Then we all went to diner at one of our favorite little Mexican restaurant and the day ended happily-ever-after. ;)

5 thoughts on “Just had fun. (Book signing #4)

  1. I'm glad the book signing turned out so well! :-)Looks like you had a run-in with an anti-Christmas fanatic. :-| I don't have a problem with people who believe you shouldn't celebrate Christmas because of its Pagan background, because I can definately understand where they're coming from, but that doesn't mean I agree. It does, however, bother me if they get pushy about it… After all, a decision like that is supposed to be between you and God!

  2. That's exactly what I said, Brianna. It's a matter of the attitude in your heart. Besides, I've study a lot of Christmas history and it is very clearly a Christian holiday. Some of the stories are amazing. Lol, when he just kept going on and on I finally had to tell him there wasn't any point. I'm still going to say Merry Christmas.

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