My First Interview (Would you like to see?)

I found out the local TV station that gave me an interview put the video on their website, so I thought I’d put it up on here. :)
It turned out to be a lot of fun. First I was led to the “green room”…I’d say it was sort of a minty green.
Then we were led to an open newsroom/set. My brother, dad, and I all sat there, trying not to cough or talk too loud.
Then at last I was sitting at the news table with a microphone woven into my jacket. I just told myself “Don’t look at the camera. Just look at the people.” About six minutes later it was over. The funny thing is I didn’t start shaking until it was all over and I was walking back to the car.
The show was actually on air about an hour before I came on, so I was watching it as I got ready to go. The anchor had a copy of my book and every time they would go to a commercial break she would say “I’m going back to reading this great book!” and open it up. :)
At one point someone on the set yelled out, “Are there any vampires?” Lol. Happily, the anchor had read enough that she could say no and tell them what the book was about.
Have a look. By the grace of God I didn’t go blank or cough or anything like that. ;) It still feels a bit surreal.
(sorry, you will have to sit through a short commercial)

9 thoughts on “My First Interview (Would you like to see?)

  1. Oh Emily, well done! I think I would've been petrified and frozen but you did so well. Hope the book signing went well too. BTW, you look good on the big screen!

  2. WOW! I was so hoping you would post a video! I was just sitting here grinning really big the whole time I was watching it! (I liked the outfit you were wearing by the way!) You did such a good job and you didn't appear nervous at all! (I would have been petrified if that had been me! I get kinda shaky when I'm nervous, so I probably would have sat there chattering my teeth! LOL!) I'm so excited for you!!! This is just so amazing! I can see why you would feel it is surreal… WOW! I SO want to get a book published!!! I just can't seem to move fast enough! ;-) I'm already on the 3rd re-write of a certain troublesome chapter. ARGH! LOL!

  3. Congratulations! What a great experience! And it is good to see that the news people were so open and accepting of your Christian views expressed in the book.I'm glad Diane had I link over here and I've enjoyed visiting your blog.wb

  4. Bless you Emily, You handled that like a real pro! God's got great & mighty things planned for you & I believe this is just a preview of what's coming!!! Charles

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