Twitter and Beyond!

My agent called last week and began spouting the benefits of Twitter. I began to protest. That was one thing I was sure I’d never do. But as I protested my brain replied, “Oh, shut up. You know you are going to do it.” ;) So, yes, I am now on Twitter.

By: Twitter Buttons
Honestly, I’m serious considering applying “I’ll never do that” to something I really want to do and see if that makes it come true. Well, that’s how things have worked so far.
Hm…that’s it, I am never going to England! Now I’m going to go sit back and wait for the tickets to arrive. :)
I did declare I’d never blog. Now I not only blog, I design them.
And I was sure I’d never end up on Face Book.
Emily Ann Benedict

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Perhaps I should just mourn my apparent lack of resolve. ;)
In the meantime, if you find me interesting follow me on Twitter and if you’d like to chat send me a friends request on Face Book.
(In case you’re wondering, I use a picture of my dog for my profile because a lot of people recognize me by that picture. I probably should be disturbed by that.)

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One thought on “Twitter and Beyond!

  1. I am the exact same way. Everytime I say I'm not going to do something…I do. If I do something to prove it doesn't work for me…it works too good. That's how I ended up a commencement speaker in High School, and a Kindergarten teacher after college. I tried (or did an interview) to prove that it wouldn't happen. God must love it when I do that. He always gets the last laugh. And I am slowly learning that my way isn't the best way. Oh the lessons to learn. I'm running over to your facebook and twitter pages now to friend and follow you! :)

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