You Mean Me? Never.

I have said on this blog that the words, “I’ll never do that,” are unwise to say. Yet, I did not listen to my warning and consequently found myself leaning over my notebook yesterday, writing words I never thought possible.
It all started with a decision to expand my sphere of reading. I’m a life-long mystery reader, but with the wide variety of Christian fiction at my finger tips I began picking up novels from all genres: romances, historical novels, comedies, even dramas. But there was one genre I was sure I’d never try. The western.
My joke about westerns has long been, whether movie or novel, I find myself enjoying it until they reach the prairie. ;) I’m just not much of a roughing it, dust and dirt sort of girl. Though a life-long horse lover, my style and saddle has always been English. (Honestly, I can’t really lift a western saddle over the horse.)
My certainty on that matter wavered a bit recently when I happened upon a book by Cathy Marie Hake. I knew it was a western, but it sounded interesting…so I brought it home. Still, as I flipped open the cover, I kept the price sticker on the front. Something told me I would get bored within a few chapters and regret the purchase.
Imagine my surprise when I read the whole thing in three days and thoroughly enjoyed it. (gasp) Then shockingly I picked up another novel by the same author and now find myself reveling in it, even in all its westerness. (gasp again)
I am faced with only two options. Either there really are good western stories out there or I’ve suddenly developed a liking for cowboy boots. (momentary though) Nope, I still prefer Cinderella’s slippers. I now acknowledge the existence of good westerns. (gasp loudly)
But what has left me outright shocked is that as I flipped through the pages my brain suddenly said, “How would I write a western?” That’s how all of my stories start! :O I wrote Only Angels Are Bulletproof after watching an FBI show and suddenly found myself wondering how I would handle a bank robbery story.
Me? Write a western? Not more than a week or two ago I swore I’d never write an historical novel and that particular discussion had nothing to with westerns.
Yet, there I sat yesterday, sketching an outline for a story that sprung to my head.
Does anyone else hear The Twilight Zone music?

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3 thoughts on “You Mean Me? Never.

  1. My heart is overflowing with joy at your discovery of the Western. Your horizons have been expanded by something classic. Also — your experience with perspective (the tile story) is such a life lesson. Glad to see you appreciate it as more than just something funny.

  2. That is so interesting, I'm truly not much into westerns myself, which rings true for movies as well as for books. Now I'm starting to wonder whether I need to open up some western horizonts myself…. :)

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