I told you so…at least I thought so.

You know, if I really wanted to appear to be a very dignified lady I probably wouldn’t be admitting to this particular episode, but I’m still laughing about it…besides, I’m hoping someone out there with siblings understands.
You see, my sister and I have a really wonderful relationship, but we do seem to like saying, “I told you so,” to each other. We can’t seem to help it.
Well, recently, as we were leaving one of our favorite stores we somehow began discussing décor.
I said something to the effect of, “I really don’t like it when stores stick that fake tile board on the wall. Nobody thinks it look like real tile.”
My sister replied, “That’s wasn’t fake. That was real tile on the walls.”
I’m sure you can imagine how quickly that conversation descended into an argument. And, though we were laughing about it the whole time, in a matter of moments we were also betting Frappuccinos on who was right.
So, the next time we went to that store we ran directly to the spot in question, still very sure of our opinions.
This would probably be a good point to stop and say that I am approximately five inches taller than my sister. Have you gotten the idea? Yep, at my eye level it was fake tile and at her eye level it was real tile.
We literally did laugh out loud. We also got free Frappuccinos because my mom thought it was so funny she treated us both.
If you are ever told to look at the world from someone else’s perspective, I recommend you at least give it a shot.

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4 thoughts on “I told you so…at least I thought so.

  1. LOL, that is so funny! My next sister and I sometimes have these discussions too. We're the same height, so that's not usually an issue :P but we are both of us assertive and always sure we're right. But I find these arguments end up making us a lot closer together.

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