Mispellngs an other TypOs

I suppose this post should start with, “It was a dark and stormy knight…I mean night.” ;)
In a way, this is an official apology to all those who have read my posts and stumbled upon my typos and spelling errors. I’ve found them in the past, so I’m sure you have.
I do try (spell check, grammar check, and several readings), but it seems I just can’t avoid the mistakes.
There usually is a pattern. OFF is usually OF. AND comes out AN. AN is probably going to be A. And sentences with words like, “give her,” come out, “giver.”
That of course is a result of a brain that moves a little faster than my fingers. And then there are those times when my spelling is so unique it even stumps spell-check. It’s never good when spell-check says, No Spelling Suggestions. (lol)
Oh, come on, I know there are people out there who can understand. For the rest of you, grant me mercy and center your critique on my content. I beg you. :P
(Btw, does anyone else think grammar check is just a little bit over opinionated?)

6 thoughts on “Mispellngs an other TypOs

  1. I love your blog layout! And thanks for stopping by my corner of cyberspace today! I love getting to meet new writers! And just last week, I had a MAJOR typo in my blog post title. That meant everyone who subcribes to my blog got to see my glaring humanity! The secret is now out: I'm not perfect! Thankfully, someone emailed me and sweetly asked if I'd noticed my typo. But half the world got to see it before I got the chance to change it! So, please, if you ever see a typo, let me know! I'm sure it wasn't the first, and definitely won't be the last!

  2. Oh wow, you are a busy lady – not only creating such beautiful backgrounds but a mystery writer as well. And it sounds just like my kind of preferred fiction as well. I'm putting you on my to-read-list right away :)

  3. This is funny! I totally think grammar check is very very very picky. So let's unite!I'm new here, but I look forward to reading your blog!

  4. Ditch grammar check. It's always wrong. There! See what grammar check would make of that!I've just found your blog after you so kindly left a comment on mine. Already I can see that we have some things in common – not least our obsession with books, desire to write, and hate affair with grammar check.I'll be back I'm sure. Blessings, Jules

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