Please Make Contact

I have not brought up politics on this blog as of yet. Though I often discuss the topic, frankly, I never really wanted to do so here. But every once and a while something comes up that I think really should be mentioned.

I am asking you to contact both your congressmen and senators, be they Republican or Democrat, and request they vote no on the “public option” health care bill that is being floated around the congress right now. It has already passed through several committees…in the middle of the night (that should say something).

I’d really rather not seem my country turn into Britain, where twice as many people die of treatable conditions because they are stuck on waiting lists. Or Canada, were people cross over boarders and pay cash just to get treatment that is plentiful in our country.
And as to the line, “You’ll be able to keep your own insurance if you want,” page 16 of the current draft does away with that.

I know there are many out there who feel our country is already doomed to follow this path and there’s no point in trying. Personally, I’d still like to try.

You can find the names of your representatives and ways to contact them at:

Thanks for trying with me.

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