The Mysterious Benedict Society

Isn’t that a great title? Okay, so maybe I’m a little bit prejudiced. ;)
Still, how could I not own a book with that title? My mom and I decided that it would look very good on our bookshelves.
But even before we got it home I realized I could not avoid reading the book…even though it is classified as a children’s novel best suited for 5th grade readers. :)
Perhaps I was egged on a bit by the fact that the “adult” novel I was reading at the moment was boring me into annoyance. I was coming up with ways to avoid reading it.
However, 485 pages later I was very happy that I’d pealed back the cover of The Mysterious Benedict Society. It is, in essence, what a good book ought to be. Exceptionally clever at times. Fanciful at others. Plenty of suspense to keep the pages turning. A great deal of adventurous escapades. Wit applied when needed.
I am willing to admit that on occasion I do read children’s novels, because I know good writing and storytelling is not confined to the realm of adulthood. I thoroughly enjoyed Holes (yes, I have a copy in my library). And I am a little tempted to try out A Series of Unfortunate Events someday (yes, the movie was dark and a bit strange, but somehow uniquely enjoyable).
Honestly, what true lover of books doesn’t search out good stories wherever they may be founds?
So, I say, if you ever long to be lost for a moment in the world of good old fashioned story-telling, why not follow Mr. Benedict and his team of exceptional children as they attempt to save the world from the very grip of evil?
NOTE: The description of Mr. Benedict given in the book does not match my father or my grandfather, so he must be a member of the east-coast branch of the family. ;)

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Benedict Society

  1. I can vouch for the first book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read it last summer and enjoyed it.Tales for children can be very useful. IIRC, the Grimm brothers used them to study localized dialects of languages.

  2. Sounds like an interesting book! I enjoy children's liturature, and have written several short stories for that audience.I can understand how that title would grab your attention. I would be quick to buy a book with "Banks" in the title. :)

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