Does No Ever Really Mean No?

I am not much of a swimmer. It’s just not something I’m all that fond of. I told my family that very clearly this weekend when they were trying to coax me into our pool.
After much pleading failed, my sister finally said, “Why don’t you just put your feet in?”
To be a good sport, I rolled up my jeans and sat down on the pool decking, without any idea how fast such an action could snow ball into disaster…or should I say sink.
First my Dalmatian mix, Margaret, took it as a signal she could now jump into the pool and swim to her heart’s content. The show she put on was enjoyable enough that I really didn’t mind the splash I got ever time she came over to make sure solid ground still existed. After all, I was just getting a little wet.
Then out of the blue, my brother’s mini beagle decided that she too wanted to go for a swim. That lasted for about three minutes, at which point she took a wrong turn, swam into a wall, and began to panic.
So what did I have to do? (Ah, come on people, you should have seen this coming.) I had to jump in and pull her out.
Why bother searching for a modest bathing suit? Blue jeans and a T-shirt work just fine. (lol)
Of course, I’m now afraid to see what will happen the next time I decide not to go swimming. :P

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