Summer Reading List

Okay, I’m putting up my ‘hope to read this summer’ list, partly because I’m excited about the new stack of books on my bookcase and partly because I’m trying to be committed. Last summer I was a bit haphazard…but then I my list of books this summer is more interesting. ;)

Get Out Of That Pit by Beth Moore (Just finished yesterday…Exceptional)
Sherlock Holmes and The Kings Evil and Other New Tales Featuring the World’s Great Detective by Donald Thomas (In the middle of and loving it.)
Why Shoot the Butler? by Georgette Heyer (The cover and the backmatter looked interesting.)
Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer
Midnight in Madrid by Noel Hynd (Purely a backmatter buy.)
To Live is Christ by Beth Moore
…I also have the two newest mysteries by Mindy Starns Clark. She is always very good, but I overdosed on her books a bit the summer before last (eight of her books in a row) so those are at the bottom of the list. :P

Well, there’s what I’m hoping for. No guarantees I’ll make it…there are also no guarantees I’m not going to stumble upon something else that sounds interesting. I found two very interesting sounding books yesterday, but I decided they sounded a bit more like my mother’s taste. So she’s going to read them first and tell me if I’d like them. I’ll do the same for her with the books I just listed. :)

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