Okay, time for a momentary switch away from book talk. :) Today I want to send out a congratulations to my dad.
After 15 years of rebuilding a 1937 Ford Sedan, piece by piece, bolt by bolt, he decided to take it out to its first car show. It’s not finished yet, but since it’s now running he thought it would be fun just to take it over to a local even. And what do you know? It won a prize! Yep, first time out and the car we affectionately refer to as the ’37 has been official named a winner by one of the sponsors of the event. And they had stiff competition. There were gleaming cars worth thousands of dollars in the stalls nearby. Someone appreciated all the hard work my dad put it to it. :)

The funny thing was he wasn’t by the car when the prize was awared. He and my brother walked over to the stand selling hotdogs and returned to find the award propped up on the fender.

My dad and my little brother posing in their official mechanics jackets. :)

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