How it went…

Whew, Saturday’s book signing was certainly an interesting one. For the first hour or so only a few books were sold. Frankly, my family and I were starting to get a little nervous. It was SO hot and icky we were beginning to think that maybe people just weren’t going to show up in large numbers…but then God showed up. :D By the time my dad came over at 4:00pm to cautiously ask how many books I’d sold I was gratefully able to say, 34! Yep, grand total, 34 books!
Several friends were able to come and visit for a while. That was so sweet. Many of them bought books to hand out as gifts. An employee of a local school came in to buy supplies and ended up buying several copies for students and one for the library. A sister of a friend of mine even drove in from another city to have me sign a copy she already owned. :D All made for a really good day. Near the end one of the managers came over and said , “You are the only author we’ve ever had who stood the whole time.” (lol) All I can say is thank God for people who understand that shoes need to be cute and comfortable. ;)
…and now if any of you would like to see pictures…

This is when I start praying that I can remember how to spell my name. Don’t laugh. I have messed that one up before. :P

Me in a dress. (Something that has not occured in nerely 10 years.)

Yes, that is a line in front of my table. A line!

My friend Candi signing my guestbook. :D Thanks everyone!

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