The Local Papers and Tomorrow’s Book Signing

Trying to get the local papers to announce tomorrow’s book signing has been an interesting experience, but today my mom and I had a good laugh about how it turned out.
It took me a couple of days to get up the nerve to call the paper, but once I did finally get a hold of someone they promised to put an announcement in their “calendar” today. To be honest, I don’t read the paper so I didn’t have any idea what that meant.
Well, today my mom and I went out and bought a paper, then spent several minutes looking for my name. We found the section on events and scanned page after page of events in town this weekend, but could not find mine. Then just as I started searching another section I heard my mom say, “Here you are.”
It was just a basic, two sentence notice listing the time and place, which was what we expected. But what made us laugh was the section it was in. My book signing was listed under “Etc.” Yep, I’m officially an etcetera. Lol.
I was notified on Wednesday that I was mentioned in the Sunday paper as well, but that one went a little awry. For some reason they listed me as the “author and illustrator” of Only Angels Are Bulletproof. Uh…well, I helped pick out the cover shot. :P I guess we’ll see how many people show up expecting to see a children’s book author.
Ah, where would we be without the media. :)

Hope I get a chance to see you there! Check out the EVENTS page on my website for all the details.

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