Help from the blogs…

Having a book on the market is at times an up and down experience. One month I see activity, and the next every message I send out goes unanswered or is outright rejected. It has been a great lesson on leaning on God and waiting for His timing.
But April has been a blessing month and was further made so by a blog titled Writer-to-Reader. They graciously post the first chapters of books and accept posts from writers across the country to help them connect with readers.
On April 22 the first chapter of Only Angels Are Bulletproof will be posted. Thank you!
Check out to read the chapter and check out more information on other new releases.
If you have a blog, please consider putting up a review or an announcement of my book. Every notice helps. Actually, post announcements for any great book you read, especially if it’s a new release. You will never know how much we rely on word of mouth…or posts on blogs. This day and age it’s the same thing. ;)
And thank you to the bloggers who have posted my book! You are truly blessings. :)

Have a happy tax day…or is that an oxymoron. ;)

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