Problems and Wonders!

Sorry it took me over a week to post a new update on here. For some strange reason blogspot wouldn’t accept my password last week. I could view, but not edit. :( But it seems the problem has been solved. Lol, I’ve had some strange things happen to this blog. I came on one day to find all the posts gone. When I tried to check the set up, it appeared that everything had been changed to a differently language. :O After a few moments of panic and a few more searching through the help section the problem seemed to fix itself. Who knows what goes on? :P

Well, I just give you a quick update on the book. It has been amazing week.
-First, my publisher notified me that it has been accepted into Kindle’s program! (Praise God) It might take a while to actually get it up for sale, but I will notify you as soon as it comes up.
-Another amazing moment arrived when someone I work with on occasion notified me that his wife had walked into a bookstore, asked for a copy of my book and they had one on the shelf! He sadly could not remember if she was in Borders or Barns and Nobles, but I’m just so excited to hear that my book is starting to get some shelf space! As always, if you go into a store that doesn’t have one, just ask the customer service to order a copy for you.
-Lastly, we are working on getting another book signing, hopefully in my home town this time. So, keep your eyes open for the next announcement.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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