Who Knew eBooks Would Catch On?

I’ve been noticing more and more eBook advertising lately. Honestly, when my publisher put my book into eBook form I didn’t really think much of it. Call me old fashion, but I’ve always envisioned a book as paper pages I had to turn every time I came to the bottom of them. The eBook concept was just hard for me. But the more I learn, the more it seems eBooks are catching on. As I understand it, Amazon’s Kindle is really popular. I walked into Sam’s Club and found they’d released their own eBook reader. A number of my friends have even been recommending eBooks they’ve enjoyed as of late. I haven’t tried reading an eBook yet, but I am more inclined to now.
In case you are an eBook reader, Only Angels Are Bulletproof is available as an eBook. Just check out my website’s home page for more information. It is not yet available on Kindle, but we are working on that. If you would like to see it on Kindle, look up Only Angels Are Bulletproof on Amazon and find the “Tell the Publisher you’d like to see this book on Kindle” button to the left.
Happy Reading!

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