Necessary To Writing

I’m told that every writer has something or things that they feel they “need” when writing. Some say it’s a mood, some say a place, some even say a particular scent.
I’d never really thought about it before, but upon review I found that in a way it is true.
So, here’s a list of mine.

Laptop: While my favorite place to write is my desk, I like to be able to pick up and move to a new location if the mood strikes.
My glasses: It should be pretty obvious why these are necessary. Yeah, I’m farsighted. :P
IPod: It’s very good a cutting out the background noise that invariably occurs in a relatively small house with lots of people and dogs.
Cappuccino: I’m not really sure why, but it’s just necessary :)

Okay, so maybe writers are just a little weird.

One thought on “Necessary To Writing

  1. Hmmm…all writers certainly do have a list of things they must have. These are my top five:Total, absolute quietNo television on (definitely no football game or I would get distracted)Paper and penRoom to walk around every five minutesMyself in a good mood (surprisingly rare)I think all writers agree that the things they consider vital are very, very necessary. I don’t know if they all get as assertive about them as I do!

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