I am meaningless…

Well, at least it seems my name is. Despite the fact that Emily has been in popular use for multiple centuries and has been listed as the most popular girl’s name of this century, I am finding more and more that no one seems to really know what it means.
I visit a lot of different baby name sites when I’m trying to decide on a name for my characters and I usually type in Emily just to see what comes up. So far I’ve found the meanings; industrious, diligent, rival, flatterer, artistic, and someone told me last night it can also mean princess. I can’t even find a definitive origin. Some say it’s German and some say it’s Latin (opposing language bases). What else am I to conclude, but that no one is really sure what the name means?
Fortunately, though my primary moniker is apparently meaningless, my middle and last name are well defined. Ann means graced and Benedict means blessed. So, at least at I’m graced and blessed, even if I’m also anonymous.
Does anyone else have trouble pinning down the meaning of your name?

One thought on “I am meaningless…

  1. Graced and Blessed are beautiful!!! I like the meanings of your name! I know that Hannah means graceful (something that I am not, but I will be once I get to heaven!), and the rest of my name I don’t know. Names are so much fun!!! It is interesting to think that back in Bible times, people would name their children something very specific, because it had meaning. I think I might have to do that when I name my children.

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