Shout Out

This is a shout out for help to anyone who has read my book. To date, none of the online sellers have any reviews of the book posted and most only have one rating. I have been informed that this is really important, because these features help boast my visibility in search engines. So, if you’ve read the book would you mind posting a review or rating?
BarnesandNobles, Target, and Amazon all have these features on the page that shows my book. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a review, a simple rating would still be really appreciated. On Amazon, if you scroll down the page you will also find a feature called “tags.” These help put my book in categories like, Christian Fiction or Mystery. You can come up with your own tags or simply vote on the existing ones. This really helps my standing in search engines.
Like I said, every bit of help makes a difference. Thank you so much. :)

Quick reminder: My first book signing is coming up. February 7th at the Borders in Visalia CA. For all the information visit the EVENTS page on my web site, I hope I’ll see you there.

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