I’m getting so tired of this…

Tonight marks the third time in the past few months I’ve had to throw a book out. Why? Simply because the authors could not restrain their language. I’m talking about really good books. Books that have me enthralled after one chapter and then all of a sudden they feel like cursing the name of Christ for no apparent reason!
I suppose tonight’s failure is worse for me because it’s a book that I’ve been wanting to read for four months now. The backmatter jumped out at me from the moment I picked it up, but it was declared a Christmas present and so I had to wait, knowing it was hiding in my sister’s closet, knowing it was wrapped under the tree, assured that sooner or later I would get a chance to sit down and read it.
It was so good! Four chapters in and I was captivated…and then all of a sudden the heroine felt the need to describe something by using the name of Christ…well, out of context. I tolerate very little language as it is, but that particular one guarantees a trip to the trash can.
(Sigh) Still, I’d much rather have nothing to read than to spend my time on an author who apparently has a limited range of adjectives.
…Off in search of something better…

One thought on “I’m getting so tired of this…

  1. Oh sadness… that is too bad. It always saddens me when there is bad language in books. There are so not worth reading and makes me upset because what is the purpose of those bad words? Grrr…Its bad enough that you hear people using it when you are out… but then it is in books too. Good for you for not continueing to read the book. I am sure that honored the Lord and He will bless you for that.

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