Oh For Joy and Frustration

Praise report first! As you might have read on my homepage, my book has temporarily sold out at the major website providers. Obviously, this is good news. The book is selling! I actually needed to sell out the stock within sixty days of the release date, but instead it happened in just a little over a week. God is so good.
I’m not sure how long it will take to officially get it back in stock. According to my publisher, a new shipment has been sent out to the distributor and we are now just waiting for the distributor to update its system. Patience is a virtue…but I’m still checking Amazon everyday to see what they say.
So, if you need a book before Christmas, it’s best to order directly from my publisher or contact me. But everyone be warned, it’s coming down to the borderline to order anything and still hope that it will make it to your house in time for Christmas. Eleven days left! Can you believe that?
And if you have ordered my book already, I’d officially like to say THANK YOU. You’ve made this the best Christmas!

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