Pumpkin Pie Mishap

Everyone once and a while we just need a story to laugh at.
One year we were invited to have Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. After a little negotiating, it was decided that we would provide the desserts for the meal, including the ever important pumpkin pie.
So, on Thanksgiving morning my mother, sister, and I set out to make our desserts with every intention of having everything ready by the early afternoon. I should mention that this was just about the time my mom began to discover she needed reading glasses.
My sister and I were just beginning our assignments when we heard my mother cry, “Oh, no!” We turned to find her squinting at the bottle in her hands as the fragrant smell of garlic filled the kitchen. Somehow the garlic and cinnamon bottles has been place dangerously close together. Consequently, about a tablespoon of garlic was dumped into the mixing bowl, right on top of the pumpkin.
Naturally we didn’t have enough pumpkin to start all over, but how could we show up without a pumpkin pie? Mutiny would surely be the result. The only option was to scrap out as much of the garlic as we possibly could and pray that nobody would notice.
I have to tell you, that was the best pumpkin pie we have ever made and quite a few people agreed. Still, we are too afraid to give that particular recipe another try.
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. :)

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie Mishap

  1. LOL! Did you ever mention the mishap to them?Yeah, seems like some of the mistakes that are made with cooking and baking happen to make the recipe better. ;)Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! I did. ~Jessica

  2. Emily, great pumpkin pie story. The web site is great. Very crisp and evocative. Great fonts. Looks like you are rolling forward at the perfect pace. Love from Tere

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